Collector Support

Return Policy
Collectors, with a true understanding of jewelry and accessories being fragile and having the tendency to "break" on occasions, Collections, By T. Dish.... Jewelry & Accessory Bar is willing to offer a product exchange within the first
7 days of service upon you receiving your "Collectors Item".
 We will happily, replace the defective item with a similar/like available item within our inventory. However, due to our unique inventory count for exclusivity purposes, "like" item exchange services will NOT always be available.
Perhaps your desired item is "Currently Out Of Stock...",  we will then issue a Store Credit for the value of the replaceable product.
This reimbursed store credit may be applied to a new purchase of equal or greater value for your satisfaction.
Shipping & Fulfillment
Collections, By T. Dish... Jewelry & Accessory Bar utilizes a calculated rate x weight system, that automatically generates your shipping cost at the time of your check out experience.
Processing/ Fulfillment Time
(3-5 Business Days Processing via USPS)
Tracking Your Collectors Items...
 Oh, how we know that you are anticipating the delivery of your
"Collector's Items"... It's a must that we keep you in the loop of your upcoming delivery service. With every order, we will personally email you a unique tracking number to keep you updated on your orders location and estimated delivery time.

With true honor and the ultimate responsibility of fulfilling your recently placed order,  Collections By T. Dish... Jewelry & Accessory Bar is not responsible for lost/stolen packages. Shall your "Collectors Items..." get misplaced in transit or upon delivery, we will do our best to help you recover your lost/stolen items with the assistance of the USPS Claim Process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email, if you have any questions or concerns regarding a previously placed order.